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Industry Resources in New Zealand

At Joinery IT we take great pride in remaining connected to the industry we serve. We collaborate with suppliers setting up hardware to be machine and purchase order ready. That way our customers don't have to 're-create the wheel' when it comes to getting started. We are members of manufacturing organizations, support our local industry magazines and we attend any tradeshows nationwide throughout the year where possible. If we're not there, please ask the show organiser where we got to...

Internationally, Vero Software has partnered with several other companies that share our commitment to the woodworking, stone and metal manufacturing industries. Through this partnership they have succeeded in creating a product that is not only easily integrated with the machinery in your shop, but will improve your productivity and profitability for years to come.

The industry partners section of the website is divided it into four categories: Machinery Suppliers, Hardware Suppliers, Industry Organisations and Publications. Also check the 'Upcoming Events' pod for up-coming conferences and trade shows.