Our Manager will Squeeze a healthier profit out of your business

Do you know how much profit you make from your different jobs?

Can you access up-to-the-minute information on current jobs you are working on?

Manager is the software solution that 
allows you to squeeze more profit from your business by focusing on the 4 P’s -

  •    Pricing
  •    Purchasing
  •    Productivity 
  •    Planning

Manager integrates your estimating 
and sales process with your supply 
and manufacturing systems. This 
ensures a seamless transition from 
your initial client meeting until
delivery of the finished product.

Manager allows you to take total 
control of your purchasing
process, whether it’s deciding which 
suppliers you should use for 
specific jobs or by controlling your inventory.

If your clients are keen for a firm delivery date, Manager gives you-up-to-the-minute information about when you can deliver, it can do this because of Manger’s work 
order management system integrates stock and purchasing with job scheduling.

Having happy clients is one thing but being able to track profitability is where manager really comes into its own. With manager your profitability on any single job or cluster of jobs can be analyzed in an instant.

Empower your business. Empower your staff with Manager Software

To find out how you can squeeze more profit out of your business call 0800 469 752 or email info@planitmanufacturing.co.nz            

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