Alphacam, the market-leading woodwork CAD/CAM software, is introducing a new module to create stunning low relief carvings from 2D designs and 3D models.

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Alphacam Aspire grapesAspire for Alphacam is a totally new 3D relief modelling software for CNC routing and engraving projects such as carving decorative ornate panels and doors, swept flourishes, custom millwork, architectural mouldings, dimensional signage, bespoke company logos, custom gifts and awards.

A full featured, easy to use module for all levels of decorative CNC work, its unique 3D component construction tools make it easy to work with existing 3D models and design 3D shapes. Users can quickly and easily convert 2D sketches, photographs, drawings and graphic designs into high quality 3D carvings and designs.

The Aspire technology comes from Redditch-based Vectric, renowned for its high quality routing and carving software. Managing Director Brian Moran and Creative Director James Booth have over 30 years combined "real world, hands-on" experience of working in the sign making, woodworking and engraving industries.

Alphacam Aspire gives fully integrated artistic design and modelling functions, which, together with Alphacam’s traditional CAD tools and class-leading CAM, delivers a totally optimal solution.

Alphacam Aspire raccoonsAs well as benefitting existing Alphacam users who want more customisation; who currently use wholesale suppliers of carved parts; are looking to diversify into new markets; or simply have spare machining capacity, the Aspire module will also be attractive to woodworking customers who previously wanted a more “art” based solution, or those who are unhappy with their current engraving package not excelling in important areas.

Aspire can be added as a module to any Alphacam routing system including Essential. 

Alphacam Aspire end panelIt will also be available as part of the educational bundle, to ensure that students learn about the full potential of using CNC machines to produce ornate carvings, at an early stage in their career.

Alphacam Aspite newsl postThe attractive interface links to tabbed menus for easy access to drawing, modelling and clipart icons; a 2D/3D view concept; import and export to Alphacam icons, along with a fully searchable and printable pdf help document.


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