Edgecam 2011 R2 has gained full certification from Autodesk for use with its Inventor 2012  CAD software.

Edgecam is a powerful and seamlessly integrated CAM system for generating machining strategies and NC code. There is an associative link between Edgecam Solid Machinist and Autodesk Inventor which means that even late changes to the model will not affect manufacturing lead times.  With Edgecam Solid Machinist for Autodesk Inventor, individual parts and assemblies can be loaded directly into Edgecam. Edgecam Solid Machinist will detect when the Autodesk Inventor has changed and notify the user. It gives the user the option to update the model to the modified version and automatically identify features that are new or have been changed or deleted.

Edgecam Solid Machinist uses automatic feature recognition to interrogate the solid model to find machinable features. At a single click, pocket, boss and hole features can be found and information relating to them extracted. For hole features, Autodesk Inventor threading data can also be imported.

Planit Software Ltd is the driving force behind Edgecam, a complete solution for Computer Aided Manufacturing. Edgecam offers a comprehensive suite of intelligent manufacturing solutions for milling, turning, mill/turn and advanced free form machining.

Edgecam is for all Production Machining and Mold and Die applications. Suitable for the majority of manufacturing industries with key focus on the Automotive, Aerospace, Consumer Products, Oil and Connector industries.

Edgecam provides complementary support for the generation of digital prototypes by allowing any design to be manipulated in a manufacturing/production environment.

Russell Franks, Planit Software CTO comments:  “As a Silver Value Added Reseller,  and Autodesk Authorised Developer, Edgecam are delighted to once more have the professional endorsement from Autodesk.  Edgecam’s ability to seamlessly load and machine Inventor models, provide Global Network Licensing, and support a corporation’s ‘design anywhere/build anywhere’ initiative, makes it a business critical system for many Inventor users. This Certification is very significant to our mutual customers.”

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