Think Design; Think Presentation

A typical day in the shoes of today's design consultant will see us spending a significant amount of time meeting clients, with the end goal being to impress our clients and in turn drive sales and increase turnover. So, it makes sense to make customer satisfaction a priority.

It takes the right tools to be able to show our customers that we care about their needs and requirements and by using state of the art joinery design software, it becomes very easy to do just that. Show them!

The ability to present realistic 3D renders is considered industry standard in today's market, and even the ability to demonstrate a live interactive 3D walkthrough of a project is a common request.

Planit Cutting Edge Solutions has software solutions enabling a business to supersede their competition, meet their customers’ expectations and most certainly make a lasting impression with clients. Planit has the latest technology that will ensure any designers creation gets the standing ovation it deserves.

Good design is a skill. Good presentation is a choice.

Planit have the joinery industries leading design and manufacturing software, Cabinet Vision, as well as the industries newest interactive rendering application, Vortek Spaces. Being at the forefront where the joinery industry meets technology has never been easier than it is with Planit.

Cabinet Visions newest release, Version 11, has taken Photo Vision presentations to new heights. With the advancement of an entirely new rendering engine, Cabinet Vision version 11 has amped up PhotoVision, and become one of the most realistic and impressive rendering programs on the market. There has never been more flexibility with lighting and material changes in Cabinet Vision, which makes version 11 an essential tool for all businesses wanting to showcase fast and efficient designs without compromising on realism or quality.

“Cabinet Vision actually is the heart and soul of the business. Without it, I would be at a complete loss, constantly revising drawings. It’s the most important tool that I have.” 

This is how the team at TK Design in Adelaide describe Cabinet Vision for their business. “Some people just don’t understand drawings; you can see the blank look on their face. Then you show them in 3D, you turn the room around from different aspects — and they light up,” Director Tania Kloester commented to us. “I use the program to help sell the design because sometimes they just don’t get it from looking at the plans.”

Being industry leaders, Planit can integrate the latest Cabinet Vision packages into your business. Strong alliances with industry partners, such as Nover, means that you can have complete, ready to use hardware and fittings available in Cabinet Vision at the click of a button, ensuring your complete design, sales and ordering process, is not only streamline, but completely relevant to the materials and products we use here in the Australian market.

Planit believes there is always more than one solution. A business doesn’t have to stop showcasing its designs at Cabinet Vision. Instantly export a 3D file from Cabinet Vision that can be opened in Vortek Spaces to bring projects to life and engage customers like never before.

Vortek Spaces is moving the industry in a whole new direction. It is a revolutionary visual tool that is so efficient and adaptable, it can take a client from just seeing their design to feeling it. Think virtual reality - something that is set to become the new standard in design presentation. Don’t just create a design for the client, create an experience!

Vortek Spaces will refine the vision and convey the design as a live 360° walkthrough, where clients can interact with their project by taking control of colour selections and material changes. It not only provides clients with a greater understanding of layouts, but Vortek Spaces will assist in quicker colour selections and ultimately the closing of more sales. Surpass competitors and impress clients by offering this comprehensive service that not only enhances the sales process but speeds it up too.

Planit Cutting Edge Solutions are there to help a business every step of the way. To integrate the best design solution into a business. The Planit range of products will allow a business to pride itself on quality and efficiency. Automated software, detailed plans and impressive, even interactive, renders, are just the beginning of how a business can deliver a complete service to its clients. To strive to stand out from competition and make a lasting impression with clients, is the key to a successful business.