An incredible 303 seats of Edgecam are now installed at a leading Chinese college.

Hundreds of students graduate from the prestigious Beijing Industry and Trade Technicians College (BITTC) every year, many of them having been trained in CNC technology using Edgecam. And the Edgecam textbook, published by Edgecam’s China office, has been appointed exclusively as the handbook for students on courses involving CNC programming.BITTC 303 seats of Edgecam at Chinese college

China’s leading Edgecam reseller, Beijing Uniok Technology Co. Ltd., supplied BITTC with its  first 50 seats of Edgecam six years ago, along with ongoing technical support. Uniok also provided support for BITTC’s CAM course and examinations.

Shortly afterwards, BITTC increased its Edgecam to 100 seats, and as the college expanded with additional branches and campuses, has now brought its total up to 303 seats.

BITTC 303 seats of Edgecam in Chinese College 2Part of the Planit range of CNC software, Edgecam is a market leading CAM system capable of programming milling, turning and mill-turn machines, combining unrivaled ease of use and sophisticated toolpath generation. Planit’s general manager in China, William Zu, says BITTC are ensuring that its students are given the best possible chance of getting jobs in manufacturing by learning about Edgecam programming. “A vast number of companies use it, so they’re giving their students a distinct advantage.

“Jack Yang’s team from Uniok are in regular contact with BITTC, providing technical support from Daniel Liu, and account management from Qi Yi.” 

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