A one-stop company providing solutions for high pressure die-casting products has been awarded the accolade of India’s “Best Edgecam New User” by the country’s importer and distributor of the market-leading software, following productivity improvement of more than 200% on one particular part. 

Kriatec products made with Edgecam CRP uses CNC pressure die casting machines capable of performing fully automatic operations – auto ladle, auto spray and auto part pick-up. This ensures optimum output with consistent high quality. Temperature controlled electric furnaces ensure efficient melting and holding, while centralised melting takes care of porosity to guarantee defect-free castings.

Director A. Pari says when CRP needed to address a number of issues relating to their casting machining process, they turned to Kriatec Services (P) Ltd, which is Edgecam’s reseller throughout India both for industry and education.

“Knowing our apprehension on investments and implementation challenges, a couple of licenses of Edgecam were presented to CRP as a birthday gift to me for a year,” says A. Pari. “This meant we could carry out trials and experiments with Edgecam without any pressure.” CRP used Edgecam to optimise fixture designs and effectively reduce cycle time. “One such example is a productivity improvement of more than 200% on one particular part.”

Having seen the benefits that Edgecam provides, he says: “CRP has now happily invested in the latest version of Edgecam from Kriatec, and we’ve started using it for new product developments as well.”

Kriatec CRFP Best User AwardKriatec, which provides complete Edgecam software manufacturing modules for mold and die applications, aerospace, mass production and jobshop production across India, was so impressed with how CRP maximised their usage of Edgecam, that they awarded the company their “Best Edgecam New User” accolade. Kriatec director Ajitha Prabu.G says: “Right from the start CRP made the very best use of Edgecam, and say it is helping them achieve their objective of being a globally preferred source for all high pressure die casting requirements.”

As well as the high pressure dire castings and machining of those castings, CRP’s core processes also include tool design and tool making, while undertaking other related value-added services such as deburring, shot blasting and other finishings and coatings including anodising and powder coating. Their  core competencies start with engineering capabilities such as product design and tool design, augmented with process optimisation capabilities such as flow simulations and structural simulations.

The CRP team is currently developing complete databases of the existing tool holders, cutters and CNC machines on the shop floor. “Once these are in place, we’ll be well equipped to prepare swift and accurate quotes, and ensure CRP gains an optimum return on investment with minimum effort.”

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