A Brazilian company providing complete and innovative packaging solutions to industries as diverse as food, chemical, pharmaceutical and hardware, says Edgecam has considerably increased the productivity of its 19 CNC machines.Masipack product

Masipack, based in a 250,000 square foot factory in São Bernardo do Campo, São Paulo, has developed a complete line of packaging equipment, including both vertical and horizontal systems, along with weighers, and fully automated packaging processes.

Amongst the state-of-the-art CNC machines used to manufacture its high precision packaging systems are eight ROMI Discovery 760s and two Discovery 1250s.

Production supervisor Antônio Colombo says the company was looking for a CAM solution that would ensure precision and speed in manufacturing complex pieces, which could also reduce programming time and machine downtime.Masipack Edgecam screen

“We chose Edgecam as it not only fulfilled all the requirements for running our CNC machines, but it readily integrated with our 3D SolidEdge and Autocad systems. The integration between Edgecam and 3D CAD  systems allows components to be programmed without having to be redrawn in the CAM system. That increases our automation and improves efficiency.” 

He also spoke of Edgecam increasing productivity and efficiency for Masipack’s CNC machining processes. “Edgecam easily programs pieces requiring many different operations to produce holes, recesses, shafts, canals and screws. It really helps us to utilise the full potential of each machine.Masipack CNC machine

“We used to spend between 30 and 40 minutes programming the machines online, meaning they were down for that time. Today, we spend around 15 minutes programming offline with Edgecam, and we don’t have any downtime at all.”

The growth of Masipack’s product range over the years led to a large increase in the factory’s capability, particularly in the machining sector, which Antônio Colombo says requires variety, complexity and quality of the finished machined products. “Constant investment in research and development of new technologies has always been part of our philosophy, and that’s why we started looking for a solution to assist in the programming of our 19 CNC machines.”

Masipack shop floor
Masipack has always been concerned with achieving first class reliability for its products and services – and that is why it chose Edgecam to send all its programming and machining problems packing.

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