A Polish furniture manufacture has slashed production time of its kitchen front panels by 56% through using the market-leading woodwork CNC machining software, Alphacam.

And Alphacam’s nesting function has led to Stanplus Furniture Factory Ltd making the maximum use of its raw materials, reducing waste to 15%. Company President Robert Nalecz says limiting the amount of waste in this way translates into savings counted in thousands of Polish Zloty every month.

Based at Minsk Mazowiecki, Stanplus manufactures interior furnishing and furniture fronts for kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. As the company grew they began looking at technology to improve production in terms of response times and repeatability, and needed the right software to create more efficient manufacturing solutions.

They selected a MultiCam XD cutting centre to produce their furniture fronts. After a thorough analysis of various CAM software solutions, they opted for Alphacam, supplied by CNS Solutions Sp. Ltd. – Alphacam’s distributor throughout Poland, Belarus and the Ukraine.

Stanplus doorsAlphacam plays a major role in the production process, by driving the MultiCam CNC centre, which cuts the kitchen and bathroom front panels. They were looking for software with an effective nesting capability to produce different patterns of furniture fronts in a parametric, that would optimally generate and automate the cutting process. Additional requirements were the ability to load production orders from an Excel spreadsheet and generate detailed reports for the office, sheet actuators for operators, and printing labels.

Krzysztof Wisniewski, Production Director at Stanplus, says: “We were looking for software which could be adapted to our individual needs.”  

Seremak Adam, head of CAM at CNS Solutions, says Stanplus had their own vision for the preparation and production of their furniture fronts, and needed software which could have bespoke functions to fulfil that vision.

And those bespoke adaptations tailored to Stanplus’s specific needs, says Krzysztof Wisniewski, means that most tasks are performed automatically, reducing production time by 56%. “With CNS Solutions adapting Alphacam to meet our individual requirements, the benefits of introducing this CAM technology were raised to the maximum.”

Alphacam’s implementation was completed in six weeks, including the special adaptations. The process of preparing a production order comprises the following steps:
• Load the list of orders in an Excel spreadsheet as a table
• Automatically generate optimal distribution of the front panels on a sheet
• Automatic generation of programs for the CNC machine
• Automatically generate and print reports (including a list of fronts and orders, a list of records for download, the percentage of material usage on the sheets, machining times, and tool list)
• Printing labels.
Stanplus bedroomStanplus’s quality specialist, Miroslaw Komorzycki, says: “Thanks to Alphacam, which is characterised by its ease of use and speed of communication with the MultiCam, we don’t need a highly skilled operator to run it, and it only takes about 10 minutes to prepare a full day’s production order and send it to the CNC machine.”

Skoworodko Joseph, a director of CNS Solutions, says furniture companies in Poland are increasingly turning to advanced CAM solutions such as Alphacam -- and the industry leading software tool for cabinet and casegoods manufacturers, Cabinet Vision -- for their high-tech design and production preparation. Cabinet Vision is the solution for more complex issues involving the design, visualisation, measurement and manufacture of wooden cabinets.

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