The Role of Cabinet Vision in a Design-Based Business

Cabinet Vision is the “heart and soul” of business for design Specialist TK Design, which uses the solution as a comprehensive design and sales tool. 

“Cabinet Vision actually is the heart and soul of our business,” Kloester says. “Without it, I would be at a compete loss, constantly revising drawings. It’s the most important tool that I have.”

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Benefits of Cabinet Vision for Tania and TK Design:

  • “My favourite feature in Cabinet Vision is actually the 3D render; I use that a lot to help sell my design. You can just see the understanding when you show them the drawing in 3D. It’s quite an important tool.”

  • “I love the program for the fact that it assists my indecisive clients, and so I use Cabinet Vision quite closely with them. I’ll sit with the client, move the mouse around and show them different aspects of their drawing, and clients love that.”

  • “The positive with it is that we’re all speaking the same language. The more cabinetmakers [in Adelaide] that are uniform to the same program means that, particularly as an independent designer, my drawings work with a diversity of people and situations. It streamlines the game and keeps it efficient.”


Cabinet Vision has helped thousands of Australian Businesses in improving their systems and processes in order to be more efficient, competitive and successful. Cabinet Vision provides you with the complete set of tools needed to design and details your project, and connect directly with your CNC. Ensure you maximise your CNC with the right software to drive it. 

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About the Company:

With a specialty in joinery design, TK Design plan inspirational, clever, customized spaces for residential and commercial projects. We provide a professional service, focusing on bespoke design. Our aim is to streamline the design process; minimizing time, worry and cost, to maximize the level of enjoyment for our clients. Listening and working closely with our clients is one of our greatest strengths

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