Solid Standard for Closets

Cabinet Vision Solid Standard for Closets is a basic design and manufacturing software tool that allows you to detail basic Closet jobs. Solid Standard for Closets automatically generates your shop drawings, 3D renderings, material requirements, part lists and basic estimating data. Graphically lay out your job to quickly create your shop drawings or use the built in Order Entry function to get a quick estimate.

Key Features

•    Ability to Add-On Screen to Machine™ Center Standard
•    Closet Construction Definition
•    Hanging Section Definition
•    Shoe Cubby Definition
•    Angled Shoe Shelf Definition
•    Wire Baskets Definition
•    Create Custom Molding Profiles
•    Create Materials
•    Elevation Cross Sections
•    Section Drawer Boxes
•    Batch Jobs

Learn more about Photovision for creating renderings and client presentations


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